What Is Rules of Renovation?

Rules of Renovation is an educational program that trains people to invest wisely in real estate and avoid the pitfalls many beginners face. Hilary Farr leads a team of dedicated experts who act as mentors for students who attend our free seminars and enroll in our courses. Over the course of the seminar, students learn how to increase the value of their properties using efficient strategies, all while keeping to their budget.

Events also teach:

    How to create multiple streams of income — not just flipping but when to buy and hold a home or when to wholesale
    How to get money to purchase properties while managing risk from debt
    How to wholesale — learn what wholesaling is and how to go through a wholesale deal
    How to find good properties — how flippers find homes to rehab, not always in traditional ways

  •  Our program is not a get-rich-quick scheme but seeks to provide real-world value for students as they build their own real estate businesses. We also provide mentorship along the way so you are never without guidance and advice when you need it most. If you are still unsure about our events and programs, read some of the Rules of Renovation reviews from our former and current students. It’s important to learn what has helped other people with their real estate businesses. Rules of Renovation has very positive student reviews about why the program is worth it. It is an investment that you can’t afford to miss. Here are some reviews from students who have taken our courses:

    “This was a great experience and lesson that can better any willing individual that is ready to open their mind up to new ventures. And having the ability or given the possibility to be taught by the Hilary Farr team is a plus.”
    -Terrance Coleman

    “The experience really opened my eyes to unique approaches to the real estate market and industry. Thanks”
    – Dave Washington

    “I truly enjoyed attending the Rules of Renovation seminar. Even though I’m a licensed broker, I learned some new things that I was not aware of. The Tax Buyer’s Club was an eye-opener for me and I’m anxious to get started with potential investments. Thank you for visiting Champaign!”
    – Sharlyn Franzen

    You can view more Rules of Renovation reviews, and hear from more students who have benefited from our program and free events.

    Investing in real estate is a challenging and rewarding business to be a part of. It takes time to learn the basics, but once you’re armed with the right knowledge and tools, you’ll be prepared to start your own career in real estate. See what everyone is saying in Rules of Renovation reviews, and sign up for a FREE Rules of Renovation course today, to learn more.